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Substituting Google Reader for some IFTTT magic


Death of a reader

Oh nos! I hear you all cry (well tweet). How am I going to read my RSS feeds? Yup it’s a sad day when really simple syndication suddenly becomes more complicated.

I use Google Reader, I think I pretty much always have, I can’t seem to remember a time without it. But now it looks like I, as well as a huge number of other folk, am going to have to find a different way to consume my information feed. Suddenly IFTTT comes crashing into the room.

IFTTT allows you to take any RSS feed and have it trigger any of the other channels which are integrated with the service. There are a load of channels, however not all are suitable to be a ‘reader’. I did try and read my latest entries off a weemo switch, but I ended up hurting my head and giving myself a mild electric shock*, not behavior I’m looking for in something displaying my blog posts.

So what can IFTTT give you?

Well you can save posts to Evernote, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox or SkyDrive, but I can see accounts filling up rather fast and I’m probably not the only one who would find this unmanageable. You can collate and repost them on one blog (Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr powered), but you may get stuck in an infinite loop of reblogging the reblogged blog posts :S

So personally I think I might try one of the ‘save for later’ accounts. Pocket, Instapaper and Readability are very similar services. They all take article/web-page content and save it so you can access it later. There are bonuses to doing it this way: All the services have web/online accounts so you can view content through a browser, or you can download the associated app and run it natively on your device. The apps are great as they have offline capabilities, so even if you’re without an internet connection you can still read your feeds (as long as they are downloaded when you do have the internets).

There are of course drawbacks. I need an IFTTT recipe for every feed I follow, I already use Pocket to save random articles I stumble across and everything will get jumbled up together. Having said that I already have 50+ IFTTT recipes, which I seem to manage ok and there is scope to have my RSS go to a different account, such as Instapaper, to keep them separate.

Carry on reading

Anyways here’s my IFTTT recipe for sending new RSS posts, from one of my feeds, to my Pocket account. I’ll see how i get on…

Alternatively, you could of course just find yourself another RSS reader.

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*this is a lie


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